PDF/JPG flyers, logos, photos, and graphics are available for every event. We can send you these exact pieces, or original files for your graphic designer. Just let us know, and we'll email the files to you. Bulletin inserts, flyers, posters, photos, and media graphics are all available for you to use as promotional pieces.

Here are some Our Jewish Roots programs, a few singing videos, and a video of Kirsten sharing part of her story. We'd love to personalize a video for your event. Just let us know the details, and we will do a video for your church/organization.

"We were delighted this past year to have Dave and Kirsten Hart with us for an evening of music and ministry. If you want musicians who are there for their own glory, don't invite them. If you are looking for someone who sings without regard for what speaks to your congregation, avoid them. If you really like singers who are there to work up the crowd through fleshly means, forget it!

Dave and Kirsten come with hearts for the Lord. They share music that is mainstream, but their spirits are radical for Jesus. Your older people will love them, your adults will identify with them, and your kids will be captivated by them!"

Harlan Moore

Bethany Church of the Nazarene, OKC